Thursday, January 24, 2013

The true detour is straight ahead.

Year one. Semester two. I am making a road movie of sorts. Shooting video with a GoPro camera mounted to my car. I am bringing a vehicle (anyone have an extra car you don't need for a few months? it could be used in the service of art!) onto the 2nd floor of the building in which I have a studio. I will then set up multiple projections around the car, in the style of rear-projection, but surrounded. There will be a sound design. These are the things I know. There are many things I don't know.

Change is imminent, eminent, and immanent. Change is the constant. See you there.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

In my end is my beginning.

This is how it all went down at the end of last semester.

The average human adult is jacketed in 21 square feet of skin. These are 63 photo prints I made of abstracted images of flesh. I removed distinguishable body parts and got up close with the camera to examine what we really look like. The cultural beauty standard demands that we should have no pores, hair, pimples, scars or veins showing on the surface of our body. These realities are usually wiped away by the media. This project is a visual representation of the amount skin each person is wrapped in, with all the imperfections we accrue throughout life. Each row is a portrait of a separate individual.

I also made a 7 minute video that is a companion to the “Jacketed ” photo project. The video is intentionally shot very simply and quietly, something of a rebellion against all the special effects, bells and whistles that are prevalent in current technology. I wanted to strip it down to the essence of images that move. It is titled “Flesh Suitcase,” considering what it’s like to be in one’s own skin. Thinking about this thing I take my life journey in as a container that carries me. I was asking very basic questions with this concept.
Is the body a protective covering, like a house?
Am I imprisoned?
Or is it simply a surface that delineates the boundaries between the world and my self?
I am interested in how these questions can seem meaningful in one mood and vacuous in another. Regardless, having a body is a deep experience in vulnerability, loss of control, and acceptance. It is the clothes I never get to take off.

Flesh Suitcase from Liz Roberts on Vimeo.

Thanks Shelley Kilgore for the photo.